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Intuitive web-based storytelling

Create stunning multimedia stories yourself using our online application. Publish them in real-time on your own domain in your own styling. Mix and match photography, video, audio, animation and words.

Managed worldwide hosting

We handle every aspect of serving your readers from all over the globe. When needed, we create new servers for you. Your media will be deployed as close to your audience as possible. We actively monitor every single story.

“Hello? Storytelling hotline?”

Our subscription includes access to our experienced and diverse team of storytellers. You will never be without expert guidance to create the most appealing, most impactful story. It's always good to hear an outside voice.

On-site storytelling workshop

Our customers get an on-site Scrollytelling workshop for the entire editorial staff. Materials and expertise are freely available. Additional design and development is at your fingertips.


Scrollytelling is back in Iraq

About a year ago we received a facebook message from a mysterious Mr. Mikey who appeared to be an artist, researcher and practitioner in urban agriculture, but then working in refugee camps! He had seen the work we did with our interactive documentary Refugee Republic (in which we focussed on daily live in a refugee camp as an emerging city) and happened to be working in the same camp Domiz in northen Iraq as we were in 2014, only arriving a few months later.

The Holy Road: stories from the West Bank from Palestinian and Jewish perspective

The Israeli occupation of the West Bank now lasts exactly 50 years. With photographer Dirk-Jan Visser and journalist Derk Walters, Scrollytelling made an interactive documentary. The Holy Road is a confrontational road trip through the occupied area, with stories of Israeli and Palestinian residents. The launch coincides with the deployment of Derk Walters through Israel, after three years of correspondence for NRC.

Ed van der Elsken becomes Netlify 'Site of the Week'

This week our production Ed van der Elsken for Stedelijk Museum has become Netlify Site of the Week. Ed van der Elsken is a Dutch photographer and artist. He pioneered Street Photography in the fifties and is recognised as the most important Dutch photographer of the 20th century.

Three million readers

Today marks an epic milestone for Amsterdam-based storytellers Scrollytelling. In less than a year and a half, the nimble company has seen 3 million people cross its virtual doorstep. The company desire to create stories that are interesting, easy to read and easy to share is paying off. Not in small part helped by the national media that uses its platform.

Masters of our own destiny

Amsterdam, NL - On February 6th 2017, an exciting new chapter is set to begin in the life of Scrollytelling. In partnership with UvA and A-Lab, we are delighted to welcome three new members to the Scrollytelling team. Nienke van Rijn, Lisa Kloostra and Billy Nash are masters students who, as part of the Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Media (CIEM) module offered at UvA, will be working with us on a weekly basis here in A-Lab, as we attempt to take Scrollytelling forward into the world.

Camera in love: three Ed van der Elsken webdocs

Scrollytelling is producing three webdocs about Dutch artist Ed van der Elsken. A unique figure, Van der Elsken was renowned as a street photographer, and is recognised as the most important Dutch photographer of the 20th century. The webdocs are commissioned by Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, and are part of Camera in Love, their major exhibition from 4 February to 21 May 2017.

Innovative storytelling at football club PSV

Top-league football club PSV has selected Scrollytelling as its new partner in creating captivating football stories. Every match will see a gorgeous report full of unique photography, exclusively made by Photo Prestige. Often the story is published mere hours after a match ends. Doing this, PSV is seeking to actively innovate in this space. Every story is produced in Dutch, English and Spanish. The global Scrollytelling technology excellently services this diverse group of fans.

Developing the skill of online storytelling

Now open for business: Scrollytelling. It’s a new online application for easily creating multimedia stories where scrolling is the main user experience. It embraces the Web and gives both editors and readers 24/7 access to their stories. All hosting is fully managed. Scrollytelling currently offers a single, all-in subscription where most limits do not apply. All subscribers also have unlimited access to our experienced storytellers.

NOS chooses Scrollytelling for ‘Uit Het Leven’

Amsterdam, NL - Dutch broadcaster NOS chooses Scrollytelling to host the online version of the TV programme Uit Het Leven. Scrollytelling has a dual role: both editorial and technical. The TV programme will air on December 27. The accompanying production on Scrollytelling has been published today on, and will continue to be available after the show‘s premiere.

de Volkskrant launch partner of innovative online storytelling startup

Amsterdam, Netherlands - Dutch daily newspaper de Volkskrant is launching partner of startup Scrollytelling. Founded by two Amsterdam natives, their goal is to enable and improve online storytelling for more people than ever thought possible. de Volkskrant is committed to publishing many multimedia stories through the platform. The stories will be free to read. The first one, Dagboek van een vluchteling (lit.: Diary of a refugee) has been published today.


Martijn van Tol
Joost Baaij


Stimuleringsfonds voor de JournalistiekScrollytelling came into this world thanks to a grant from the Stimuleringsfonds voor de Journalistiek (Dutch). For this, we are eternally grateful. But it wasn't a case of cashing a check and rolling out some servers.

Online storytelling began in December 2012 with The New York Times' Snow Fall. Dutch daily de Volkskrant immediately realised they needed to start doing these multimedia productions as well. They commissioned Martijn to create 'De chocolade raakt op' (We're running out of chocolate - converted to Scrollytelling format from the original). This went fine but they weren't too excited about the cost. That first production was hand-coded from nothing and many concepts had to be invented first. They wanted more of these, but only when Martijn created a generic tool to be continually reused.

This tool was christened Storyboard and the grant money, and most of Martijn's prime years, was poured into it. The tool was custom; and as can be the case when developing software, the parties weren't aligned on the direction and technical implementation proved insurmountable. The effort was finally scrapped and Martijn was forced to walk away empty-handed.

Luckily for him, us, and in fact the broader universe, someone tipped him the open source storytelling tool Pageflow. Being written in the programming language Ruby, a search was mounted to find a team of Ruby developers. This team (Space Babies - owned by Joost) was found and the rest is Internet history. Pageflow was adapted to fit with Martijn's aesthetics and idea for user experience. de Volkskrant invested additional funds to make it all happen. This is why we've granted them monopoly in the Dutch daily market (i.e. daily print newspapers); and this is why we're eternally grateful for them as well. Coincidentally, they are Scrollytelling's biggest user and can easily create multiple stories per day. Readers love the format and the popularity of the stories draws in a new audience, as Scrollytelling is not behind their paywall.

When Scrollytelling proved to be viable (and then some) it was turned into a startup company. From the get-go, our focus was with national brands with huge numbers of visitors. The absolute top end of the market. And we would give them world-class availability, speed, and continutally evaluate not only technical thingamajingies, but actively participate in curating the content as well. Currently, we have many more paying accounts and are proud to host enormous numbers of visitors seeing photos, text and especially videos without us having to break a sweat. We're sticking with our initial idea of only servicing the top end of the market.


We are ready for you hitting the big time. We make sure your stories keep being told, even if they're on the frontpage of The New York Times.

A customized account and theme are included, so you can create and publish an unlimited amount of stories. Each story carries your logo, fonts, dynamic social sharing, refers back to your homepage and the url shows your domain.

Key features:

  • Infinitely scalable
  • Worldwide Content Delivery Network
  • Automatic optimized mobile video
  • Encrypted offsite backups
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Encrypted everything
  • Priority Support


  • 15 Stories
  • 1 TB Bandwidth
  • 250 GB Uploads
  • 1 Personalized Domain


Data transfer fees

Every subscription comes with 1 TB of outgoing data transfer included. This is plenty of room even for very popular stories. Only video-rich stories that go viral can expect to go over. Once you're over 1 TB, the following fees apply.

Data transfer is calculated every month.

We can also produce your unique story

Our subscription model is perfect for publishers who have many stories to tell to a global audience. If you would rather prefer a one-off project, we also offer the in-house production of your story. All features included in the subscription come with a one-off production as well.

How We Tell your unique Story


Story First

This is our Golden Rule. Together with you, we dig until we find the most compelling, evocative, most sharable story you have to tell. It is central to everything we do, and ensures the largest audience.



We make sure the story has your look and feel. We can use your logo, fonts, and any other graphical element to make your story all about you. We spend time to seemlessly integrate with your existing content.



We take the time to build a storyboard and go through the concept with you. We continuously edit and refine. We take great care to listen to feedback, and won't stop until you're 100% satisfied.

Project breakdown

The hours listed here are merely indicative. Every unique story is—ahem—unique, and often requires additional expertise to create. We can produce and direct photography, videography and audio narrative into a rich, coherent whole.


Design & Tech

It can't be stressed enough that every story is different, and we invite you to contact us to discuss options.

400 Stories



readers worldwide


Things we find important: being globally distributed, having full encryption, embracing standards, delivering your content with blazing speed, on many different devices for many different readers. We take care of all the gnarly aspects behind the scenes, allowing the story to be front and center.

Our software is built on top of the Open Source version of Pageflow. We are committed to giving back to the community, which is why we are active contributors, and have open sourced our software too.

Job Openings

Our stories are moving faster than we could have hoped for, which means we're hiring. We're not tickled by standard issue cover letters and resumes off a Word template. We're looking for content-driven people all walks of life. Do you work or play with online photography, video, text? Come talk to us!

Full time Software Developer

Skills: HTML5, Ruby, Node.js, React.js, Middleman.

Freelance photographer

Get in touch with us so we can add you to our pool of freelancers.

Freelance radio producer

Audio narrative is a big part of what we offer. Shout out if that's your thing too.