Amsterdam, NL - Dutch broadcaster NOS chooses Scrollytelling to host the online version of the TV programme Uit Het Leven. Scrollytelling has a dual role: both editorial and technical. The TV programme will air on December 27. The accompanying production on Scrollytelling has been published today on, and will continue to be available after the show‘s premiere.

Uit Het Leven (lit.: Leaving Life) is a yearly television hommage to public figures who have passed away in that year. This year’s broadcast will feature Christopher Lee, Leonard Nimoy, BB King and many others. The online story functions as information resource and archive of the show. Many of the show‘s fragments are published on it, and all are accompanied with a brief biography.

Scrollytelling combines their independent, asking-the-right-questions editorial power with their reliable and easy to use internet application. It is no wonder that NOS has commissioned them in both roles. The online story needs to be coherent in its own right and have a natural progressoin. Scrollytelling has advised NOS on the place of certain content and the rhythm of the entire narrative. The editorial team at NOS has produced a marvelous story that can stand on its own.

Online video is a particular strong point of Storytelling. The technology automatically converts uploaded video into all formats required by modern devices. It is made available in native formats for all current browsers and Android and iOS, without a human editor needing to do a single thing. The story is produced online and can indefinitely be updated in real time. NOS has asked Scrollytelling to continue hosting the story for at least one year.

About NOS

NOS logo

NOS (Nederlandse Omroep Stichting) is one of the broadcasting organizations making up the Netherlands Public Broadcasting system. It has a special statutory obligation to make news and sports programmes for the three Dutch public television channels and the Dutch public radio services. NOS lab is a department dedicated to innovation and being an answer to (young) tv viewers leaving linear television.

About Scrollytelling

Scrollytelling enables storytellers to create online stories. We do this using our Software-as-a-Service which is offered in the form of a subscription. To our customers, we offer unprovoked editorial feedback, ensuring all stories are told in the most appealing way.

The company launched in January 2016. Its founders Martijn van Tol and Joost Baaij are an unstoppable internet storytelling engine. Or a tank, maybe. Since launch, we have reached over 3 million souls worldwide. On average, one story is created every day. Most stories have images, words and video and a great many have background audio tracks too. The only limit is in the imagination of the storyteller. Visit the contact page if you want to reach out to us.