Top-league football club PSV has selected Scrollytelling as its new partner in creating captivating football stories. Every match will see a gorgeous report full of unique photography, exclusively made by Photo Prestige. Often the story is published mere hours after a match ends. Doing this, PSV is seeking to actively innovate in this space. Every story is produced in Dutch, English and Spanish. The global Scrollytelling technology excellently services this diverse group of fans.

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The club already is very active on social media and has a large following. After each match a photo album would usually be published, something which is highly appreciated by fans. A photo album however lacks depth and the ability to dive deeper into any given topic. Scrollytelling does fit this bill. The basic slideshow can be enhanced with video footage, player quotes and editorial content. What sets the Scrollytelling format apart, is that every single photo is made to shine. There is no clutter or user interface to overcome. There is just the story.

The Scrollytelling subscription was designed to also remove editorial and financial limits. PSV is free to create stories and use any kind of material they’d like. They have taken this to great advantage by translating every match report in English and Spanish. These localized versions feature the same media; only the text is changed. They are distributed regionally and also widely enjoyed by fans.

The first PSV Scrollytelling, a report of PSV-Atlético, (nil-nil) was published today. Immediately it becomes obvious that by including video footage and a player interview, the story itself is strengthened and can stand on its own.

About PSV

The Philips Sport Vereniging, English: Philips Sports Union), abbreviated as PSV and internationally known as PSV Eindhoven is a sports club from Eindhoven, Netherlands. It is best known for its professional football department, which plays in the Eredivisie, the Dutch football top division, since its inception in 1956. Along with Ajax and Feyenoord, PSV is one of the country’s “big three” clubs that have dominated the Eredivisie.

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About Scrollytelling

Scrollytelling enables storytellers to create online stories. We do this using our Software-as-a-Service which is offered in the form of a subscription. To our customers, we offer unprovoked editorial feedback, ensuring all stories are told in the most appealing way.

The company launched in January 2016. Its founders Martijn van Tol and Joost Baaij are an unstoppable internet storytelling engine. Or a tank, maybe. Since launch, we have reached over 3 million souls worldwide. On average, one story is created every day. Most stories have images, words and video and a great many have background audio tracks too. The only limit is in the imagination of the storyteller. Visit the contact page if you want to reach out to us.