Amsterdam, NL - On February 6th 2017, an exciting new chapter is set to begin in the life of Scrollytelling. In partnership with UvA and A-Lab, we are delighted to welcome three new members to the Scrollytelling team. Nienke van Rijn, Lisa Kloostra and Billy Nash are masters students who, as part of the Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Media (CIEM) module offered at UvA, will be working with us on a weekly basis here in A-Lab, as we attempt to take Scrollytelling forward into the world.

CIEM Students

The students, who come from the New Media and Cross Media masters courses, will work with us from February until May. They have been assigned the task of combining their skillsets with ours in order to help grow our company and acquire new clients. They will work closely with their own teachers and the Scrollytelling team, as well as independently, and will produce a final report in May outlining the progress achieved during our time together.

Collaboration of students and Scrollytelling

First of all, the students need to get to know the company and learn all about it. They will create a SWOT-analysis with all chances, threats, strengths and weaknesses of Scrollytelling. After that, the students will take over all social media accounts of Scrollytelling, including both Twitter and Facebook. Scrollytelling plans on attending a number of media conferences over the coming months, and the students will attend these conferences with and as a part of the Scrollytelling team. These conferences will take place in in April and May.

Final advice

In a period of three months the students will create a business strategy to advise on how Scrollytelling can grow its business without compromising on qualitative, interesting and fascinating untold journalistic stories.

About Scrollytelling

Scrollytelling enables storytellers to create online stories. We do this using our Software-as-a-Service which is offered in the form of a subscription. To our customers, we offer unprovoked editorial feedback, ensuring all stories are told in the most appealing way.

The company launched in January 2016. Its founders Martijn van Tol and Joost Baaij are an unstoppable internet storytelling engine. Or a tank, maybe. Since launch, we have reached over 3 million souls worldwide. On average, one story is created every day. Most stories have images, words and video and a great many have background audio tracks too. The only limit is in the imagination of the storyteller. Visit the contact page if you want to reach out to us.