Today marks an epic milestone for Amsterdam-based storytellers Scrollytelling. In less than a year and a half, the nimble company has seen 3 million people cross its virtual doorstep. The company desire to create stories that are interesting, easy to read and easy to share is paying off. Not in small part helped by the national media that uses its platform.


Martijn van Tol, Scrollytelling‘s CEO: “We created Scrollytelling with a global audience in mind. It‘s magical to see this becoming reality. Reaching three million people is no small feat. Thanks to our launching partner de Volkskrant, and national media such as NOS, we have easily met the goals we created for ourselves. I can‘t wait to see where this journey takes us in the future.”

The company combines award-winning editorial staff with a global internet storytelling infrastructure. The combination is proving very succesful for its clients, amongst which football club PSV, broadcaster NOS, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and daily newspaper de Volkskrant.

About Scrollytelling

Scrollytelling enables storytellers to create online stories. We do this using our Software-as-a-Service which is offered in the form of a subscription. To our customers, we offer unprovoked editorial feedback, ensuring all stories are told in the most appealing way.

The company launched in January 2016. Its founders Martijn van Tol and Joost Baaij are an unstoppable internet storytelling engine. Or a tank, maybe. Since launch, they have reached over 3 million souls worldwide. On average, one story is created every day. Most stories have images, words and video and a great many have background audio tracks too. The only limit is in the imagination of the storyteller. Visit the contact page if you want to reach out to us.